Pet Boarding Contract

Pet Boarding Contract: What You Need to Know Before Signing

When planning a vacation or business trip, finding a reliable and trustworthy pet boarding facility is essential for pet owners. While most pet boarding facilities take great care of your animal, it`s crucial to understand what you are agreeing to when signing a pet boarding contract.

In this article, we`ll outline what you need to know before signing a pet boarding contract to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friend.

What is a pet boarding contract?

A pet boarding contract is an agreement between the pet owner and the boarding facility outlining the terms of service, fees, and liability. It`s essential to read and understand the terms of the contract before signing to ensure that both you and your pet are protected.

What information should the contract include?

1. Services Offered: The contract should list the services that the pet boarding facility provides. It may include a range of services such as dog walking, feeding, administering medication, and playtime.

2. Fees: The contract should clearly state the fees for the services offered. Take time to read the fees and understand any additional charges, such as late pick-up fees.

3. Liability: The contract should clearly state who is responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur while your pet is in their care. It`s crucial to understand this section of the contract, as it can protect you and the boarding facility from any unforeseen incidents.

4. Medical Emergencies: The contract should detail what happens if a medical emergency occurs while your pet is in the boarding facility`s care. Ensure that the contract lists the steps the facility will take, such as contacting your veterinarian or providing medical treatment.

5. Vaccinations: The contract should also state what vaccinations the facility requires before accepting your pet. Ensure that your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations to avoid any issues.

What should you do before signing the contract?

1. Read the Contract Carefully: Take your time to read the contract carefully and ask any questions you may have. Don`t sign anything until you are comfortable with the terms and have a clear understanding of what is expected of you and the facility.

2. Check References: It`s always a good idea to check references and read reviews from other pet owners who have used the boarding facility. This will give you an idea of what to expect and whether the facility is trustworthy.

3. Review the Facility: Take a tour of the facility and ensure that it is clean, safe, and spacious enough for your pet. Observe how the staff interacts with other animals and ask about their experience and qualifications.

In conclusion, signing a pet boarding contract can be daunting, but it`s an essential step in ensuring that your pet is cared for while you`re away. Take time to read the contract carefully, ask questions, and check the facility`s references and reputation. With the right preparation, you can feel confident that your pet is in good hands while you`re away.